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General Discussions
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Someone liked 2 years ago

Forum Guidelines & Information

Hello, friends! Welcome to the General Discussion forums for FeelLike!

This forum exists to provide the FeelLike community with a place to discuss topics related to our app! We regularly monitor this forum Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST, so if you've left... (More)

Jacky liked 2 years ago

Why Early Access?

In Early Access we're focused on three major goals:

  1. A meaningful feedback loop - While we have a vision for our app, users often have fantastic ideas to propel an app from good to great. We know how integral user... (More)
Jacky liked 2 years ago

What is FeelLike?

FeelLike is a wellness app focused on helping you
to understand yourself and others through creative
expression. Identify how you feel, find other users
based on how they feel, and send help to those in
need. Express and share your... (More)